Slaves of the Sea of the World

June 17: Post-Hiatus Summary

In which the plot is summarized heroically

TL;DR: Heroes escape slave prison, assist a slave rebellion, repel an undead horde, foil a reptilian plot, prevent Kas from returning, defend a city from more undead, and commandeer a ghost ship

Our heroes started humbly as slaves, escaping their gladiatorial prison in Al Alga with a pirate named Captain Black. He lead them to the Cave of Farnoosh, where he let his companions be eaten by a sandworm but was denied entrance by the Djinn. Using their newly found Recorder of Farnoosh to summon Windy the Wind Elemental, our heroes freed the Djinn and recovered the Gem of Farnoosh, which they brought to Al Tria.

In Al Tria, they met a clueless sultan, an evil sultana, and a clever vizier named Jafar. A riff-raff street rat and his monkey helped them discover that the sultana was poisoning the vizier to sleep and sneaking out every night… After being attacked by an assassin, they figured out that the Sultana was seeing none other than Captain Black! With that sorted out, Jafar got word of some problems with the undead in Alexi, so the party set sail. On the way, that pesky Captain Black caught up with them and attacked them at sea. No problem, they defeated his pirates and took him captive. Then ruthlessly executed him on Monkey Island.

Our heroes knew that Alexi was run by Razorclaw (cat-like) shifters who had enslaved the Longclaw (dog-like) shifters. Naturally, upon arriving in Alexi, our heroes caused a bit of disturbance at their famous library, but not before learning of some noteworthy prophecies. The slaves will rise up and cleanse the world of evil. The slaves will restore the Light of Alexi and the great tide of light will wash the world clean.

It didn’t take the party long to stumble upon the local Cult of Sehanine. But upon further investigation, and werewolves, they discovered their true idol: a huge black statue of the Hand of Vecna, shrouded in darkness. One by one they fell asleep beside the statue and awoke beside the same statue, but in another temple entirely. A servant of Vecna efficiently extracted their plans, then allowed his pet Nothics to kill them, dancing around and laughing maniacally. They awoke in the temple in Alexi, but could not shake the memory of their deaths.

Further resolved to set things right, our heroes were able to meet with the Brothers of Bad Wolf, who revealed a Longtooth plot to rise up and overthrow their oppressors at the next full moon. They decided that would be the night they would restore the Light of Alexi… the Gem of Farnoosh. They snuck onto the island which houses the Lighthouse of Alexi (What’s in the backpack? Cats) and made their way through the catacombs. In the basement of the Lighthouse, they found a sexy vampire in a room with extremely lifelike fur rugs. It was in that room that they found the Sword of Kas. They knew from old stories that the sword was created by Vecna, the lich god, for his first lieutenant, Kas. Kas rewarded his former master by using it to cut off Vecna’s hand and gouge out his eye. The Sword offers great power to any who grasp it, but wielders may end up betraying what they love most. Perhaps by chance, the sword chose Eglath for its owner.

Our heroes fought their way to the top of the tower, where they found the ancient protector of the Lighthouse of Alexi: an angel named Phostophilius. He was a collector of fine weapons and was very interested in seeing Eglath’s new sword and the Gem of Farnoosh. Insistent, in fact. When Merl mentioned the name of Vecna, Phostophilius called forth a host of angels to attack, but the party prevailed. After helping themselves to some fine new weapons, they made their way to the roof to replace the light with the Gem of Farnoosh. That is, after fighting a Dracolich.

As they looked around, they could see riots in the streets and a small army trying to cross the bridge to Cleo’s palace. When they restored the Light of Alexi, a blinding light sweeps across the city. An undead army, just outside the gates, burst into flames. The tides suddenly rushed out, and the army of Longtooth rebels stormed the palace. Our heroes rushed to the palace, found Cleo, and convinced the Longtooth to let her live and make peace between their peoples.

They made their way back to Al Tria, where Jafar has been making progress in getting the nobles to agree to abolish slavery. There’s just one main holdout: a Lizardfolk named Count Drachen. Upon hearing that Drachen was hosting a party, our heroes snuck into his estate to crash it. There, they learned of an alliance between Lizardfolk and Yuan-ti, led by a Dragonborn named Ulhar Dragonblood. They followed Ulhar back to his lair on Maltis, at the ancient Temple of G’gantica, where he using captured women to give birth to draconic monsters. They quickly put an end to that plan, killed Ulhar, and found letters to his main allies in the war against the mammals: Count Drachen, of Al Tria; the Vizier of Al Tuna; the Sultan of Al Alga; the Lizardfolk Chief on Maltis; the Yuan-Ti head priestess on Sissa; the Dragonborn Chief on Corsa; and the Dark Lord Barbotto.

They put these letters in the capable hands of Jafar. He issued a warrant for the arrest of Count Drachen and the party was happy to help with that. Inspector Nazem al-Nazem assisted in the arrest, and an elf wizard named Dayereth was tied up in Drachen’s basement.

With Al Tria cleaned up, they headed back to Al Tuna to confront the Vizier who is allied with the reptiles. On the way, they were attacked by some undead ghouls and skin kites… There had always been pirates, but travel sure was getting dangerous.

Once in Al Tuna, they found Merl’s cousin’s friend the butcher and decided to send the evil Vizier a note inside a plate of meat to lure him out of the palace. Surprisingly, this worked, and he turned up at a beach at midnight with an entourage. When confronted, all of them turned into snake people, then turned into dead snake people. On the vizier, they found a snake-shaped key, which they soon found out was the key to a temple out in the desert….

Inside the Snake Temple, they found a series of portals. One of them led to a dark hall lined with gargoyles, with a dark hooded figure sitting in a distant throne. They quickly learn that she is Medusa, and she holds the Silver Mask of Kas. The Yuan-ti have been trying to get her mask to complete a ritual to reincarnate Kas, the Betrayer, Kas the Bloody-Handed, Kas the Destroyer. Our heroes agreed to stop this ritual, so she allowed them to leave.

They eventually fought their way to the ritual itself. An enormously fat Yuan-Ti named Obysseus was leading the ceremony, with a suit of plate armor assembled in the centre. He used his snakelike charm to force Eglath to bring the Sword of Kas to him and the ritual was complete. As Obysseus died, a shadow appeared in the armour. Fortunately, Kas had not yet regained his full power. Knowing he would be defeated, he turned to mist and made for the door, but did not make it fast enough. With one final blow, the mist evaporated and he was no longer in this world.

Our heroes brought the remaining slaves back to Al Tuna, where they quickly discovered the undead forces at sea had found its way to shore. There had been undead attacks every night, getting stronger as they claimed more of their own. The villagers were gathering in the palace every night, with the exception of the dwarves of the Stone Temple of Moradin. The party decided to hold their ground there that night. When the zombie horde attacked, they were ready. Although they weren’t quite ready for the tongue-lashing, pouncing, and exploding zombies, and they definitely weren’t ready for the huge, powerful tank of a zombie.

Beaten and bruised, they were able to catch a few hours of rest. But later that night, some dark horsemen investigated the scene. The party quickly set up an ambush. When Merl played “hot cross buns” on the Recorder of Farnoosh to summon Windy the Air Elemental, one rider looked up at her and removed his hood. Immediately she recognized him as Captain Black. Impossible! she thought. We buried him on Monkey Island!

“That song… YOU!!!” Captain black shouted. “You will die for what you did!” Naturally, they killed Captain Black AGAIN. They followed the other riders toward the harbour, but lost their trail.

Finding some people taking refuge at a ship-turned-tavern called the Styx Oarsmen, the party was suspicious of the shifty-looking crow-like Kenku playing dice in the corner. Following an unsuccessful break-in to the Kenku rooms upstairs, they were kicked out of the bar. So much for that lead.

Dawn was approaching, and the sky was heavy and grey. Alarms went off at the palace; there was a flotilla of ships approaching! Quickly, they boarded their ship and sailed out to investigate. A dozen dark ships with black, tattered sails approached. At their centre was a ghostly ship, surrounded by fog. Unfazed by their lack of military support, our heroes made straight for it. The captain of the ship, a ghost with a fiery beard named LeChuck, sent his ghost pirates to his ship’s defense. When he was nearly defeated, he hopped in his ghostly lifeboat and flew off, leaving our heroes to explore his ship.



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