Slaves of the Sea of the World

December 11: Arriving in Vallis
In which Nazem needs a priest
December 1: After Barbotto
In which Kelbik decides Vecna isn't really for him
November 24: The Epic Conclusion of Barbotto
In which Aed and Eglath come to the rescue
November 6: Barbotto and the Council of Ancients
In which Nazem turns to the Dark Side
October 23: Fog Stew and Ghost Captain Black
In which the Machine of Death is discovered
October 9: The Bakers and the Librarians
In which Nazem threatens to stab a book
September 4: Why Won't They Die?!
In which ten Thanatologists just won't die
August 28: Creepy Masks and Black Metal
In which the armour isn't real
August 21: A New Member of the Flock
In which a Kenku meets a Dwarf

- One of the Kenku brings the Sword of Kas back. He claims he killed Aed, but he really just stole it.
- The Kenku, named Kelbik, was ordered by his Elder to accompany the party and uncover what Barbotto is up to and why the Thanatologists have turned away from the Raven Queen and toward Vecna.
- They encounter a Dwarf armourer and a Drow weapon-smith, who immediately attack. Once the dwarf is unconscious, the Drow runs away.
- The Dwarf admits he doesn’t really like the new boss, and agrees to carve some runs into everyone’s armour, after they help him to figure out the cipher.

July 17: The Rock of Barbotto
In which a lot of inventory goes rotten

- The party continued toward the Rock, stopping briefly at Al Tuna to woo some nobles and convince them to donate some fancy weapons to the cause.
- Upon arriving at the Rock, they discovered that the harbour and surrounding area were shrouded in a dense fog.
- A flock of Kenku loitered at the top of the rock, but it was otherwise deserted.
- They set off into the fog in their rowboat and soon discovered that the boat was quickly starting to rot! Eglath paddled his hardest and windy blew them to shore just in time for the boat to fall to pieces.
- Everything they had which was made of wood, leather, cloth, paper or hide, as well as their food, was completely rotten. Fortunately, the magical items were not affected by the fog.
- They walked around the north side of the wall, which was a sheer cliff. At the far end was a guarded wall. They spotted a hole halfway up the cliff and decided that was their best chance.
- Eglath scaled the wall without trouble; Merl and Nazem convinced the Kenku to carry them up for a fee. Dayereth climbed most of the way up, but slipped and fell gracefully to the ground, thanks to his Kenku cloak. The Kenku complimented it as they took his fee and carried him up.
- At the top, they encountered three undead pirates manning a gun battery. A woman was trying to convince one of the pirates to take a blood test.
- They were standing awfully close to the powder kegs, so they exploded quite easily. The woman, not quite dead, took her own life upon the threat to bring her to Barbotto. She had some crushed glass syringes and a slip of paper that read “BLOOD TEST” in red handwriting


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