Lands of the Sea of the World

The Civilizations of the Sea of the World

Kingdom of Barbotto:
- Once three independent city-states, plus free Port of Gabriel
- United under the fierce pirate Barbotto’s kingdom
- Economy is based on trade goods, including slaves
- People are from all over the sea

- A diverse city inhabited mostly by fey, inlcuding Elves, Half-elves, Gnomes, Fairies, and a growing population of Humans.

- A fey-only city run by the Eladrin upper class
- At constant war with the armies of Lolth and the Drow
- Pay little attentian to the people over the sea

Electorate of Romos:
- Birthplace of democracy
- Mix of Humans, Dwarves, Halflings
- Strong army and navy to fight the savages and monsters to the North, and protection from the pirates of the sea.

- Ancient city-state of Tiefling warriors
- Humans, dwarves, and goliaths fill the countryside surrounding Athos
- Great northern walls against the Dark Country beasts

- A vast fortification held by an army of Dragonborn
- They swore an ancient oath to guard the Wall of the Covenant

The Holy Land:
- Birthplace of the Gods
- People from all around the world and worshippers of all Gods
- Much weath, but much poverty and violence

Pharos of Cairobi:
- The Phara and the ruling class are Razorclaw Shifters.
- Longtooth Shifters are the slaves, who build huge cities and monuments

Land of Fey:
- Small villages, wilderness, feywild

Isles of the Sea Folk:
- Inhabited by Lizard Folk: fishers, traders, and pirates

Savages of the Great Northern Forest:
- Fierce men, Dwarves, and monsters: ogres, orc, goblin

Dark Country
- Evil monsters, vampire lords, little known

- Undead, wasteland

Tower of Vecna
- Home to the God of the undead, necromancy, and secrets: little known

Lands of the Sea of the World

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