Slaves of the Sea of the World

May 9, 2012: The Styx Oarsman Kenku
In which a Kenku gets kinky

In which a Kenku gets kinky

- When the fight appeared to be lost, Captain Black and the Black Riders tried to retreat. The riders made it away, but Eglath ran down Captain Black and showed no mercy.
- The party searched as hard as they could for the Black Riders, but couldn’t find them. They rode toward the harbour, but seem to have disappeared.
- Most of the town was deserted, but the Styx Oarsman was full. The tough crowd in the ship-turned-bar decided they could handle any undead that wanted to pick a fight, and they wouldn’t be caught dead taking shelter in the palace.
- Some Kenku playing dice at a table in the corner seemed suspicious. Merl and Dayereth decided to check the rooms upstairs for any evidence that the Kenku were involved with Vecna. Unfortunately, there were a couple Kenku in the rooms, who quickly decided to ambush the intruders. After a brief scuffle, Merl managed to escape.
- Dayereth tried to smooth things over with a little diplomacy. Critical success: he seduced the lady Kenku and came away with a black feather cloak that lets him feather fall or fly briefly.

April 12, 2012: The Return of Captain Black
In which the dead nemesis won't stay dead

The tank caught up with Eglath and punched him with both fists, sending him flying down the street. He lay motionless as the tank beat his chest and roared. The tank noticed Aed fighting some smaller zombies and charged toward him. After the party cleared up the rest of the horde, the tank wasn’t much of a problem as they focused their fire on him.

Dragging Eglath back inside, the party took a well-deserved rest. Although the head Dwarf was upset about all the broken windows, he thanked the party and opened a cask of fine ale.

As the party slept, Dayereth meditated in the tower, keeping watch. A few hours later, in the dead of night, four horsemen dressed in black cloaks rode slowly up the road on what appeared to be undead black horses.

Dayereth signalled the party to be alert as the horsemen carefully examined the battle scene. Slowly, one of the horsemen looked up at the tower and pointed his long, narrow sword upward. That’s when Nazem decided to act. He jumped out of the window and commanded the riders to state their business. “DEATH,” they all replied in raspy, hoarse voices. They charged at Nazem, trampling him with their horses and stabbing at him with their life-draining swords. Aed ran to his assistance as Dayereth and Merl attacked from the rooftop and window.

When Merl played “hot cross buns” on the Recorder of Farnoosh to summon Windy the Air Elemental, one rider looked up at her and removed his hood. Immediately she recognized him as Captain Black. Impossible! she thought. We buried him on Monkey Island!

“That song… YOU!!!” Captain black shouted. “You will die for what you did!”

March 7, 2012: Back to Al Tuna
In which Al Tuna is not the same as before

- (The party leveled up to Level 5!)
- Nazem had a bit of a religious experience and decided to become a full-time cleric
- Eglath, finally free of the Sword of Kas’ influence, refused to pick it up from where Kas dropped it. Nazem decided he’d carry it, although he’s no good with a short sword.
- The party briefly considered paying Medusa another visit, but decided they didn’t really want the Silver Mask of Kas.
- They rounded up the freed slaves and led them out the front doors. They had a bit of a scare with the Megaraptor skeleton coming to life and chasing after them, but they managed to get out of the doors and into safety.
- They led the freed slaves back to Al Tuna. As they approached, they saw more crows than people. Doors and windows were broken and dried blood was everywhere, but they saw no corpses. Merl’s cousin’s friend the butcher was nowhere to be seen.
- The only people they saw were small groups of armed men. Everyone else hid inside. For the past few nights, a growing number of the living dead had been attacking the town.
- The party went to visit the Sultan, who had decided to bring all the villagers inside the palace walls at night. He said that some villagers were holding out in town, and the party offered to help protect them that night. They planned to follow the undead at the end of the night to find out where they were coming from.

February 29, 2012: The Awakening of Kas
In which Kas the Betrayer returns, briefly, to the world

As the once-furious Yuan-Ti shaman lay dying, the disgusting puddle of gibbering mouther leaked across the floor. The five adventurers cautiously took a moment to rest.

While they debated finding a place to rest for the night, Merl snuck down the stairs, silent as a mouse. In the dark lower chamber, the same shape as the upper, there was a great pillar in the centre of the room but nothing else. On the far side of the room, a wide set of stairs led deep below. Already she could hear the chanting. She crept partway down the stairs until she could see a red light and two rows of robed figures facing away from her. Over and over they chanted:
Gethrisja, gethrisja, gethrisja putole! Gethrisja karif putole!

Back at the top of the stairs, Nazem translated the chant for her:
Gone, gone, gone beyond! Gone altogether beyond!

Medusa had told the party that the Yuan-Ti were planning a ritual to return Kas to the world, but she would not give them the Silver Mask of Kas to help them. Kas the Bloody-Handed, they knew, was the most trusted lieutenant to Vecna before the lich ascended to Godhood. He betrayed Vecna in an attempt to usurp his power and, in the ensuing struggle, cut off Vecna’s left hand and gouged out his left eye. Vecna emerged victorious and banished Kas the Betrayer to the far planes.

Dayereth urged them to stop the ritual immediately. Lead with a fireball and charge in. Merl urged caution, and suggested Eglath leave the Sword of Kas behind. He rather liked the sword and would not hear of it. He would, however, keep it sheathed. They agreed to proceed with caution, creeping halfway down the stairs before Aed made a sound with his feet loud enough for two of the robed figures to turn around and raise the alarm.

The robed figures were humanoid in shape, but snakelike in appearance. There were nearly a score of them evenly spaced throughout the octagonal room, all still chanting:
Gone, gone, gone beyond! Gone altogether beyond!

At the front of the room was the hugest Yuan-Ti anyone had ever seen: Obysseus. He was standing before an altar with a sword, a shield, and a set of plate armour placed upon it. The armour and shield were grey and blue with ornate gold. Two braziers belched thick smoke beside the altar. Obysseus urged the robed snake-men to continue chanting as they fought the intruders. The serpents attacked the three melee fighters equally at first, but then one of them spotted Eglath’s prized sword and cried, “MASTER, HE HAS THE SWORD!”

Immediately they focused their attack on Eglath. Obysseus used his snake-like charm to dominate Eglath, who went straight to the altar to offer up his prized Sword of Kas. While her mage hand was not fast enough to pluck the sword from his hands, Merl tried to drag Eglath away from the snake. It was no use; Obysseus walked over and snatched the sword from his hands. He began a new chant, beginning quietly but rising in volume:
Confn, confn confn udoka! Confn sva hesi meage!
Return, return, return to us! Return in service to us!

The adventurers attacked Obysseus with fervor, but they were weak from the smoke surrounding the altar. He continued to chant, clutching the Sword of Kas with all his might. He died chanting. the Sword of Kas fell to the floor. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in the armour, slowly growing darker. Hoping it might help, Eglath thrust the Sword of Kas into the hot coals of the brazier. Still the shadow grew darker. Aed pushed over the other brazier, which gradually burnt out.

The shadow became a man. Or what once was a man. Kas the Bloody-Handed, Kas the Betrayer, Kas the Destroyer. His face was pale white and twisted in anger and confusion. Looking around, he spotted Eglath with his sword. “My sword,” he commanded, his hand held out. “Yes, master” replied Eglath. Once again dominated, he handed the sword to Kas, who showed his fangs in what could almost be considered a smile. To Eglath he said, “For that you might be spared. The rest of you shall die.”

Having used nearly all their strength on Obysseus, the adventurers considered retreating from this reincarnated vampiric demi-god. However, they quickly discovered that he was not returned with his original power. Lying on the ground, beaten down by these mere mortals, he realized he was defeated too late. He turned to mist in hopes of escape, but was slain on his way to the door despite his insubstantial form. As the mist dissipated, the adventurers knew that they had emerged victorious.

February 22, 2012: Medusa's Lair and Finding the Yuan-Ti Ritual
In which Medusa is sweet-talked and the plot thickens

The party had a quick rest and decided to explore the dark pillared room through the portal. It was completely dark, so they lit the hooded thieves’ lanterns they recently found. Four rows of immense white pillars were spaced evenly throughout the hall. Along the middle row, stone gargoyles stood in niches in the pillars. They looked incredibly life-like and had some magical essence to them. Toward the end of the row of pillars, a crowd of green marble Yuan-ti statues were cluttered about in a variety of poses, ranging from mid-combat to fleeing in terror. At the end of the row of pillars sat a hooded figure in a dark robe with a shining silver mask. Upon closer inspection, it was a female, reptilian form.

Suddenly, she spoke: “First he sends a diplomat. Next, he sends a thief. Then he sends an army. What, pray tell, are you?” Initially mistrustful, she awoke three of the gargoyles to block the portal. Nazem managed to convince her that they were not allies of “him”. Eglath introduced himself (twice) and she reciprocated: “I am Medusa. I see you have heard of me.”

They eventually found out that the Yuan-Ti are called The Vanguard of Zehir and they are lead by someone called Obysseus. They are after her mask, the Silver Mask of Kas, for a ritual. (Eglath almost blurted out “Hey, I have the Sword of Kas!” but luckily, Aed clasped his hand over Eglath’s mouth.) She told them that the Vanguard seeks to bring Kas back to this plane. Medusa’s sister was a former lover of Kas and Medusa does not want to see him return. The party offered to stop the ritual and she granted them leave to go.

After escaping Medusa’s lair, Dayereth quickly disabled the portal. He then experimented with the gemstone combinations on the portal gate to see if it leads anywhere else. After three failed attempts at four-colour combinations, the gemstones no longer lit up. They decided to try the three portals they saw on the fourth floor. Upon careful inspection, Nazem noticed that five of the gemstones showed more finger grime on them. They guessed the combination on the fifth of five possible permutations.

Without hesitation, Eglath charged through the portal. He landed in an octagonal room with stairs leading down and noticed a smaller octagon-shaped crack in the floor. The rest of the party followed, careful not to be inside the smaller octagon. The smaller octagon slid away to reveal a hideous gibbering mouther! They quickly attacked the mouther with all their might. Only Merl was prepared for the Yuan-ti shaman who came up the stairs. Enraged, the shaman fought to the death to defend the ongoing ritual…

Alternate gibbering mouther (not so horrifying), courtesy of Alina Pete’s Weregeek:

February 8, 2012: Fight to the Portal
In which the Yuan-Ti hold the stairs to defend a glowing portal


- Rations, adventuring gear, weapons and armour were found in the storage rooms in the dungeon. The freed slaves helped themselves to anything the party didn’t take and were asked to stayed in the dungeon until the party returns.
- The party went back upstairs, through the strangely quiet fortress, to the last door they hadn’t tried. Inside were a set of stairs leading up to two Yuan-ti swordsmen, four archers, and a spell-casting leader!
- When they killed the swordsmen and reached the top of the stairs, they saw what the Yuan-ti were guarding: a portal arch, similar to the ones on the fourth floor, but glowing blue!
- The leader left the last two archers behind and ran for the portal, but Eglath and Nazem charged through and caught him in a dark room with pillars. Each pillar was guarded by a stone gargoyle in its niche. They killed the Yuan-ti and left him there.
- The portal had twelve gemstones of different colours and four of them were lit with a magical glow. When another gem was touched, all of the gemstones went dark and the portal disappeared. When the same four gems were touched again, the portal re-appeared. Dayereth took careful notes about the gemstones.

January 11, 2012: The haunted, stinky dungeon
In which (some of) the slaves are found and rescued!


  • The party chased the two archers down the stairs, but they seemed to have disappeared…
  • They found themselves in an open area that overlooked the great hall below. The great hall contained the skeleton of a huge dinosaur which they determined to be not unmagical.
  • All the rooms on that floor turned out to be barracks and guest rooms. The footlockers were looted for all they were worth.
  • Strangely, they saw no more Yuan-Ti anywhere. It seemed as though they were all up to something…
  • On the main floor, sneaking past the dinosaur skeleton, they found a torture chamber with stairs leading down to the dungeon. There, they found rows and rows of small cells, some of which contained human prisoners. A huge garbage pit filled the entire dungeon with its stench.
  • After freeing a few prisoners (and splitting themselves apart), a Yuan-Ti ghost ambushed Dayereth in a cell and pushed him THROUGH the wall into the next locked cell.
  • The party eventually defeated the ghost guard and freed the slaves. They found storage rooms filled with armour, weapons and supplies.
  • Eglath decided he’d better check the garbage for treasure. Instead, he found tentacles which grabbed him and pulled him into the pit. The rest of the party helped free him and defeat the disgusting Otyugh.
  • It turned out there was something of value in that pit: a pair of white linen bracers which were, astonishingly, perfectly clean! They seemed to have some healing properties…

November 18, 2011: Into the Fortress of the Yuan-Ti
In which the balcony seems better than the front door


  • Dr. McGillicuddy lead the party to the front door of the Yuan-Tu fortress
  • The party (possibly forgetting they found a snake-shaped key on the Vizier of Al Tuna) decided to scale the mountain and rappel down to the upper balcony
  • Inside, they found a room with a large black ziggurat and three inactive portals, guarded by three Yuan-Ti Fangblades
  • They fought the Fangblades and four Yuan-Ti Sharpeye archers came to their aid
  • When only two Sharpeyes remained, the archers ran down the stairs to find help

November 11, 2011: The Kobold Farm
In which Dr. McGillicuddy brings some sick slaves to a quarantine farm... run by Kobolds?


  • After disposing of the bodies of the Vizier of Al Tuna and his Yuan-Ti companions, the party returned to Al Tuna to inquire about the missing slaves.
  • They found out that a doctor has been inspecting incoming slaves and taking many away to be quarantined, claiming they were sick.
  • They found the doctor’s office and the receptionist said he had just gone out of town. They stole some potions (probably healing potions) and went to the nearest city gate. Not far off, they found Dr. McGillicuddy on a horse-drawn wagon.
  • They followed him to a farm which was being tended by Kobolds (strange). The wagon was parked in front of a shed, and they went inside to question the doctor.
  • Merl was outside poking through the tool shed when she was attacked by a huge rattlesnake!
  • Knowing he was in trouble, Dr. McGillicuddy turned into a Yuan-Ti and called forth a huge rattlesnake-like Naga to ambush the party!
  • After killing the Naga, rattlesnake, and kobolds, they tied up the doctor for questioning in the morning.
  • Dukane and Malek took the slaves back to Al Tuna.

November 4, 2011: The Great Vizier Ambush
In which the Vizier of Al Tuna is lured to the desert using a platter of fine meats


  • After their horrifying sail from Al Tria, the party arrived in Al Tuna to find the harbour closed off by a giant chain.
  • The guards at the coastal fort asked them their business in Al Tuna and insisted on inspecting their ship for any slaves (there had been problems with diseased slaves recently).
  • Merl knew her cousin’s friend was a butcher in town, so they found his shop. He told them about how trade has slowed down because of danger on the seas and how the slave market had closed.
  • Nazem devised a plan to confront the Vizier (a known ally of Ulhar Dragonblood): write him a letter to convince him to meet them in the desert at midnight, and deliver the letter concealed in a platter of meat.
  • Surprisingly, this worked fine. Merl and Dukane waltzed right into the castle, through the kitchen, and right into the court’s session. The Vizier got the note without anyone else noticing.
  • The party found their meeting site (a beach near a milestone post atop a small cliff) and arranged a few traps: boulders on the cliff and a pit on the beach full of crabs. The party hid behind boulders on the beach or climbed palm trees on the cliff.
  • The Vizier arrived with six men on camel-back and exchanged a little information about the missing slaves before they sensed the trap. After all, there were three large heroes up the same palm tree. They shifted their form from human to Yuan-Ti and a great battle ensued.
  • Upon searching the body of the Vizier, they found a large snake-shaped key!


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