Slaves of the Sea of the World

November 18, 2011: Into the Fortress of the Yuan-Ti
In which the balcony seems better than the front door


  • Dr. McGillicuddy lead the party to the front door of the Yuan-Tu fortress
  • The party (possibly forgetting they found a snake-shaped key on the Vizier of Al Tuna) decided to scale the mountain and rappel down to the upper balcony
  • Inside, they found a room with a large black ziggurat and three inactive portals, guarded by three Yuan-Ti Fangblades
  • They fought the Fangblades and four Yuan-Ti Sharpeye archers came to their aid
  • When only two Sharpeyes remained, the archers ran down the stairs to find help

November 11, 2011: The Kobold Farm
In which Dr. McGillicuddy brings some sick slaves to a quarantine farm... run by Kobolds?


  • After disposing of the bodies of the Vizier of Al Tuna and his Yuan-Ti companions, the party returned to Al Tuna to inquire about the missing slaves.
  • They found out that a doctor has been inspecting incoming slaves and taking many away to be quarantined, claiming they were sick.
  • They found the doctor’s office and the receptionist said he had just gone out of town. They stole some potions (probably healing potions) and went to the nearest city gate. Not far off, they found Dr. McGillicuddy on a horse-drawn wagon.
  • They followed him to a farm which was being tended by Kobolds (strange). The wagon was parked in front of a shed, and they went inside to question the doctor.
  • Merl was outside poking through the tool shed when she was attacked by a huge rattlesnake!
  • Knowing he was in trouble, Dr. McGillicuddy turned into a Yuan-Ti and called forth a huge rattlesnake-like Naga to ambush the party!
  • After killing the Naga, rattlesnake, and kobolds, they tied up the doctor for questioning in the morning.
  • Dukane and Malek took the slaves back to Al Tuna.

November 4, 2011: The Great Vizier Ambush
In which the Vizier of Al Tuna is lured to the desert using a platter of fine meats


  • After their horrifying sail from Al Tria, the party arrived in Al Tuna to find the harbour closed off by a giant chain.
  • The guards at the coastal fort asked them their business in Al Tuna and insisted on inspecting their ship for any slaves (there had been problems with diseased slaves recently).
  • Merl knew her cousin’s friend was a butcher in town, so they found his shop. He told them about how trade has slowed down because of danger on the seas and how the slave market had closed.
  • Nazem devised a plan to confront the Vizier (a known ally of Ulhar Dragonblood): write him a letter to convince him to meet them in the desert at midnight, and deliver the letter concealed in a platter of meat.
  • Surprisingly, this worked fine. Merl and Dukane waltzed right into the castle, through the kitchen, and right into the court’s session. The Vizier got the note without anyone else noticing.
  • The party found their meeting site (a beach near a milestone post atop a small cliff) and arranged a few traps: boulders on the cliff and a pit on the beach full of crabs. The party hid behind boulders on the beach or climbed palm trees on the cliff.
  • The Vizier arrived with six men on camel-back and exchanged a little information about the missing slaves before they sensed the trap. After all, there were three large heroes up the same palm tree. They shifted their form from human to Yuan-Ti and a great battle ensued.
  • Upon searching the body of the Vizier, they found a large snake-shaped key!

October 19, 2011: More Help from Al Tria
In which a mysterious eladrin is rescued and a detective is put on the case


  • Imprisoned in Count Drakhen’s dungeon, the party found an Elven Wizard named Dayereth, who had been investigating Drakhen’s involvement with Ulhar Dragonblood when he was captured. He agreed to help them in their quest to stop the reptilian conspiracy.
  • The party left the Drakhen estate without opposition (they had killed the opposition) and headed back to Al Tria.
  • They consulted Jafar and the Sultan about their reward for Draken and about their next course of action. They agreed it would be best to send out false letters to replace the real ones Ulhar had written, urging his allies to hold off their attack.
  • They decided they would personally deliver the letter addressed to the Vizier of Al Tuna to gain his audience and investigate his involvement with the conspiracy
  • Jafar and the Sultan insisted that they take the assistance of Al Tria’s top police investigator: Detective Nazem al-Nazem (Human Paladin).
  • They set sail for Al Tuna, but were ambushed by a decrepit ship captained by a black mist and crewed by undead ghouls. Aiding the attack were two creatures that looked like gliding masses of skin, akin to a manta ray made of humanoid flesh. Gross.
  • After defeating the undead monsters, they searched the ship and found little of interest except for a small statue of Vecna.
  • They burned the ship and continued on their way.

September 23, 2011: Count Drakhen's Dungeon
In which the bard is a pincushion and the cleric is the tank

September 16, 2011: The Uncooperative Riding Lizards
In which the distraction outside is completely effective

September 9, 2011: Raiding the Drakhen Estate
In which everything goes as planned... poorly

August 10, 2011: Ulhar and his Children
In which Ulhar Dragonblood is defeated in his secret lair

July 20, 2011: The Fertility Temple
In which dick jokes are funny

July 13, 2011: Glop's Pig
In which Glop finds a pig, the party finds Glop, and lizardfolk hunters find the party


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