Slaves of the Sea of the World

August 21: A New Member of the Flock

In which a Kenku meets a Dwarf

- One of the Kenku brings the Sword of Kas back. He claims he killed Aed, but he really just stole it.
- The Kenku, named Kelbik, was ordered by his Elder to accompany the party and uncover what Barbotto is up to and why the Thanatologists have turned away from the Raven Queen and toward Vecna.
- They encounter a Dwarf armourer and a Drow weapon-smith, who immediately attack. Once the dwarf is unconscious, the Drow runs away.
- The Dwarf admits he doesn’t really like the new boss, and agrees to carve some runs into everyone’s armour, after they help him to figure out the cipher.



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